Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Competitive Spirit

Years ago I went through a phase of entering competitions. I'd read that it was easy to win, once you'd learned the formula for writing winning slogans. I tried to win a Valentine's weekend in Amsterdam with Cross pens. My slogan was something desperate like...When our tulips cross I'll have something to write home about. I got third prize which was a Cross pen worth £30. The pen didn't write very smoothly, so I'm ashamed to say, I took it to a pawn shop. They offered me a tenner and I declined. I think it's still hiding in a presentation box in a bottom drawer, beside old passport photos, an empty deodorant bottle and a tartan hair scrunchy.


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Sue Jackson said...

For me, it's entering sweepstakes in the desperate hope that all of our financial problems will disappear when I win that big prize! I actually won $200 in the Chex Mix Sweepstakes last year, and it's just encouraged me to continue! I have some background in statistics, so I know how dismal the odds are, but it could be me, right?!