Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Late at night, mystery bike

I'm definitely batting below average. I find myself avoiding phoning people when I have no news to report other than being horizontal for days. Reading is a struggle to concentrate after ten minutes. I feel like I've been accidentally doped - until 3am and then I'm ready to chat about the existential dilemmas of life and the world is asleep. Can I just be a tormented bohemian who is above the conventions of night and day?

I went to visit Nice Man last night. We watched Mighty Boosh episodes on DVD with Nice Man flatmate, Eugene Eugenius. We all lie on separate sofas with the lights off. It is cosy.

When I left to drive 3 streets home again, I found a mountain bike abandoned on the pavement. The back brakes had locked (or broken?) so I couldn't push it far. I couldn't fit it into my wee car. I left it propped against a lamp post, oh mystery bike.

I need more photos in my blog. Here is one of Nice Man on his recent trip to Japan. He doesn't always read my blog so I might get away with it before he says, Aww, no, don't..... I like it though.



Anonymous said...

A lovely picture of F, I quite fancy him myself! . . . just wondering what on earth you would have done with a mountain bike even if you could've got it in your car?

Ciara said...

hi NMJ,

I'd have offered it to the police to find the owner and if no owner was found I'd have given it to someone.


Anonymous said...

C, I would just have worried that the NICE cops would've found you with it and MADE YOU RIDE IT! Well done with poem (next post).

sofamum said...

I really feel for you going through this bad patch. I know that feeling of starting to avoid phoning people cos you fear you've got nothing to report. And it's just the time when you need a bit of cheering up and a chat...

Big hug xx

sofamum said...

Re: "big hug" - think I've been watching too much teletubbies on CBeebies!