Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Things you don't know at the time

I didn't know when I drove along island roads as a 17 year old, in amber sunsets listening to Dire Straits sing check out Guitar George, he knows all the fancy chords, that Guitar George was a real person and 21 years later I'd be eating strawberries at his wedding and hearing how he is descended from Russian aristocracy, including Rachmaninoff. I'd be sitting beside Nice Man, (whose band Guitar George roadied for) and I'd be thinking that I'd been lucky in love.
And when I heard that song on the radio today, I remembered those island sunsets, when the sea went glassy and the curlews cried out in the dusk and it made me think I've been lucky in the whole damn lot.
(PS...apart from the hideous ME, of course, but I'll think past that today).

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Mary Anne said...

Nice post Ciara. It's important to reflect on the good things in our lives, aside from the not-so-great stuff. It might always be there, but so will the good moments, if we pay attention.

I've enjoyed the photos of your trip. Thank you for sharing with us.