Saturday, February 21, 2009

7am - Look no dummys!

The first hour was the worst. Nice Man shh-ed and coo-ed to Mr Hugh as he tried to get to sleep on his own for the first time - that is, tried to sleep without the aid of dummy or breast milk. It was hard but it worked. Once asleep he slept better and even had spells of contented babbling in the cot at night. No more holding our breath, waiting for the dummy to fall out. He still put up a fight at his morning nap, but it was less of a fight. I'm hoping we've turned a corner or qualified for some gold stars or something.



Anonymous said...

That sounds like a success...keep my dumbs pressed that the next nights will be as good or even better.

Behavioural changes, in my case with myself, are a bit the adventures in our society maybe. You go a different way and do not know where it turns out. Travelling the nervous system ;-)

ianshepherd said...

Good going, I've got my fingers crossed for you :-)