Wednesday, September 02, 2015

These Small Windows

Right now, for all of ten minutes, the wipe-clean kitchen tablecloth is wiped-clean; the bathroom is washed (though not the floor, tsk) and there are enough apples, bread and milk in the house.

I have a tiny window to say hello before running off to the school to get Tess. I know it sounds like I am not really telling you anything here - but, I guess other parents know what I mean about these rare little windows, floating up like bubbles. They are to be gently savoured, even if it is just to look out the real window on to the garden and think, ten minutes to play with. What will I do?

Oops, time to go now. More soon I hope.


Jackie Prew. said...

Hi Ciara I don't know if you remember me but my name is Jacqui from Dublin and I used to be in contact with you and your lovely mother in the 90s. Great that you are so well and your children have got so big since the last time I looked in on your blog. I am also doing a lot better.
All the best,

Ciara said...

Great to hear of your improvement Jacqui. The 90's seem so long ago now...