Monday, September 27, 2010

Today was the day...

...I dragged the sun lounger from the garden into the basement. Then I humpfed the ugly metal fireguard out and back into the living room. I realise 'humpfed' may just be an Irish colloquialism. Or a MacLaverty one. Just like the phrase, 'incandescent with rage.' We use that when we get irked.

Nice Man is off on tour with his rock n' roll band. He's in New York for a few nights. We Skype most days (thank you, Skype, you are great!) and I try to get Hugh to chat. He just says, 'Daddy in a cupboard' and yells for more toast. Although today he sang Twinkle Star and tried to reach out to the screen. Aww.

Meanwhile, now the kids are in bed, I'm listening to my cheesy CD's on Nice Man's stereo without a jot of shame or embarrassment. (PS - I am a poor speller but I always remember that embarrassment has two r's and two s's, 'cause it has an embarrassment of letters. Ha).


Sunday, September 26, 2010


I feel I've left the ol' blog in limbo for quite a while now and I still feel ambivalent about it all. I have so many short blog posts in my head....and then I don't write them. Have I become ridiculously shy after 5 years of blogging? Should I take a sabbatical?

Everyone else does the quick-fire Tweet and Facebook thing. I signed up but I feel I can't keep up. It's so busy. I get even more shy there. You have to butt in if you want to say things.

I'm enjoying Flickr. I am keeping a 'photostream' of the kids here. Maybe that'll do it for a while.

-C x

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


We have a slimline dishwasher that was here when we moved in. The previous owner said she rinsed most things under the tap before she stacked them into the machine. I do the same. Sometimes I wonder is it any less hassle than doing the dishes. Maybe. But the relief comes in knowing that the dishwasher has final responsibility. If there are any random shreds of, well..., Shredded Wheat stuck to the breakfast bowls, it ain't me, babe. Not that I'm ever put off by the odd fleck of oat on a plate. Meat or fish, yeah, but tea stains and random carbs, they're all part of the domestic cycle.