Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Alphabetti Spaghetti

Readers, if you are out there, I’m still here.

It’s a fact of life that the quaint ol’ Blogosphere has been replaced the Twitty-Sphere and The Face Place. Mea Culpa. I hang out in the latter and leave the wee blog gathering dust like a roped-off room in a museum display.

Okay then. Let’s try the Alphabet. Free association. Short. Whatever comes up. First take?

A – Asthma, Tess’s. Hell last autumn. Currently stable. Phew.

B – Balance in life. Crucial to stay well. IMHO.

C – Cake. I’m still attempting to eat less of it.

D – Days lengthening. My favourite time of year.

E –Endometriosis. I might have it. 

F – Francis, aka Nice Man. Still the main man.

G – Green Party! Just sayin’. And Grey hair. Nearly there.

H – Hugh. My boy’s getting handsome.

I – Islay. Islands. I still have the odd pang.

J – Justice. Social justice. We need more of it.

K – K. The Letter K has a Seventies feel. 

L – Love. For the kids. Doesn’t it amaze?

M – MacLaverty. I finally like my name.

N – Nuts. I eat them daily.

O – Over half my life done. Oh my, oh my.

P – Parents. Appreciate them more each year.

Q – Quality of life. A crucial quest.

R – Roller skating. Still fun after 30 years.

S – ‘Seriously?!’ Our kids’ favourite question.

T – Thank you. Always worth saying.

U – Ullapool? I’ve never been.

V – Vera. My sister calls me Vera.

W –The only letter with three syllables. Why?

X – Xtreme thanks for bearing with me.

Y - Youth. Make the most of it.

Z – Zzzz. How I love sleep. Really. 'Seriously'. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Inadvertent Poetry - a Happy Life

Och, sorry to be a soppy parent but I have to share a note I found underneath my desk. Written by Hugh, 7, it says:

Top 5 things I want to happen

1) Wach Angry birds movie

2) Go on an easter egg hunt AT SCHOOL !

3) Trade marballs with Lois (marbles?)

4) Have at least a good time at Tess's party. 

5) Liv a happy life.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sweet Poems

Tess (5) has written a 'book' of poems. Translations beneath. 

'Swet Poyims'                      

Sweet Poems

The sno is                            
soft and wit                       
like bed kwvrs  

The Snow is
soft and white
like bed covers                    

and the psychologically insightful:

Sum Chilchrin                              

Sum chilchrin r sad                        
and wun thy r sad it                        
maiks othr peepo sad                     

Sum chilchrin r happy                    
and wun thy r happy it                    
maiks othr peepoo happy       

Some Children

Some Children are sad
and when they are sad it
makes other people sad.

Some children are happy
and when they are happy
it makes other people happy.         

Tess Macdonald

I guess I'd better raise my game on the old poetry front.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ten Things to Love about Celtic Connections

1) It is to January what Christmas is to December.

2) You can go to a gig on your own.

3) Even if you don't know the singer or the band.

4) Especially if you don't know the singer or the band.

5) It will never fail to disappoint. In fact, it'll be heading towards life affirming...

6) So you have to share this fact with the old bloke next to you, who comes every year from England for four nights, because he   already knows it. (He's brought his own biscuits).

7) You'll feel glad you went.

8) You'll feel you've found a hidden treasure.

9) A hidden treasure you have to share.

10) And then you want to go back for more.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

― Albert Einstein

Gig listings here -

Just Do It. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

# GreyJanuary

I agree with our Makar, Liz Lochhead when she says you just have to write the truth and be done with it

So today I'm not trying to eek some 'jollity' into the blog. Tess has been ill for a week with a flu-type bug and the wee soul can barely get out of bed. It feels like one of the longest and grey-est Januarys I can remember. It is just so incredibly grey out there. Scottish people, you know what I mean!

I feel suspended - I just want my wee girl to be better, which, of course is so obvious it almost doesn't need saying. It's hard to concentrate on anything else when you're essentially a home nurse listening out for coughs and cries.

On that note, I better post this before the next call.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Things Needing Done

Once I teased my mum when she said she needed to 'get the paper read' like it was another chore or worldly duty. January is that kind of month. My part-time job is on a lull (waiting on the next project to start). There may be an illusion that I'm 'just' passing my days in the house, but wherever I look, there are still things 'needing done.'

Today it is...

washing (laundry), tidying, cleaning,
thinking of and cooking the dinner
taking Tess to her hospital check up for her asthma...you get the picture. Painting the chipped skirting boards with have to wait.

It's one degrees outside but the sun is out - for what feels like the first time in weeks. I should be up the canal on a bike, if I had any sense. 

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Departments, you say?

'Mummy, I've made you a wedding cake. That's you (the pig) and that's Daddy (the Minion).'

I enjoy watching the gender differences between the kids. Tonight they were building a den together with duvet covers and small tables.

Tess: So, this is the hairdressing department (adds brush), and this is the pony ride department (inserts blue plastic horse) and this can be the relaxing department (horizontal Barbie in a halterneck).

Hugh: (with what the feck? expression) No Tess, we can't have DEPARTMENTS! It's a DEN! It doesn't have departments!

She cheerfully persisted. Eventually he conceded to a Toy Department and a Cool Things Department (inserts Angry Bird sunglasses, hair gel and air guitar). Domestic harmony restored. Tick.