Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There's a lot of it about

I must have eaten something dodgy or picked up a bug. After being ill through the night, I felt wiped out today and fell into bed all afternoon. I had deja vu of the bad old days - a kind of melancholy of inertia. I hope I pick up soon.

To allow me to rest, Nice Man took baby Hugh to his office (where I'm sure he helped 'tidy' the filing cabinets and piles of CD's). 'Hugo' was all revved-up and smiley when he came back, as if the Daddy-bonding day had done him good.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The youth of today?

Yesterday, on the bus, I had a minor moment of Daily-Mail-style Tisk-tisking as I struggled with Hugh's buggy and my ever widening pregnancy bump and a bunch of coiffed lads from the local 'posh' school barely moved to let me past, and none stood to offer me a seat on the full bus. I thought their parents may be paying £10K a term to send them there, but somebody somewhere forget to teach them basic manners and bus etiquette. There, harrumph over. Normal service resumed soon.

I love those electronic displays on the bus stops that tell you how long before the next bus is due. So much better than waiting clueless. Do they work by satellite or infrared or something? Very clever and useful anyway.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The longer I wait to post....

...the more ambivalent I am to post anything, as it can seem too trivial. I should get with the Twitter ethos and stop being blog-precious. There, I've leapt in now.

Life is mainly good (I feel grateful). I sit here awaiting the gas man to do a service check on our heating.

It's nearly impossible to buy 'man tights' for a baby boy, to keep his legs cosy. Parents know that baby socks fall off like autumn leaves - all year round. Tights for the under 2's only seem to come in pink, red, white or selection packs of pink, red and white, some with decorative love hearts. I have one pair of last year's (blue) 'boy tights' from the Gap and they are in the washing machine and draped on radiators almost daily. I love putting them on Hugh, warm from the heater, stuffing his wee chubby ankles into the cosy padded feet. I put his dungarees on top and we're ready to roll. Or crawl....

Week 25 of the pregnancy and bambino 2 is kicking away.

-C x