Sunday, May 02, 2010

Raging ambivilance towards the Wider World

So, I still can't get online easily. I get wee scraps of time on other peoples' computers - and only at rare intersections when both babies are sleeping and Hugh isn't clambering to play on the 'pewtoo' (his new name for the computer).

I tell myself that it doesn't matter and I don't need to keep up with random online surfing - news, blogs, trivia. Hell, I don't need to communicate with the Wider World! I tell myself it's only a virtual world and the real stuff, the only stuff, is in the 'now'- in the front line of babies laughing, or wailing and needing comfort. And then there's the toast on the floor and the laundry to hang out.

And other times? Well, I'm gasping to spend an hour or two 'floating' online and communing with the Wider World. Yes, indeed Wider World, that's you. What do you mean, you're not listening? What was it I meant to say again?