Thursday, January 17, 2019

Bloomin' January

Good People! Happy 2019! 

The cherry tree in the garden is leading the cheer, if not the cherries. The goldfish are hiding beneath the ice of the pond, like  orange sweets from a box of Quality Street.

Don't forget to spend those January Vouchers...

Doh! It's expired. 

I had a great day yesterday - on the day of my 51st Birthday. 

It was an honour to visit St Ninian's High School to teach and talk poetry with some of the S3 pupils there. We had two sessions and it was great to see their confidence grow by the second session, where they all wrote and read out their work. Bravo!

Big thanks to the wonderful Scottish Book Trust for supporting the visits. Check out how it works on The Live Literature Database.  

Klaxon: Blow My Own Trumpet alert! Did I tell you the Times Literary Supplement reviewed my poems ('striking') and called me 'a born enthusiast'? Well, I have now. End of trumpet-ry.

Past Love Pamphlet is still available here for a 'deep sea diver' at Tapsalteerie Press (shortlisted for a publishers award too).

And, just in case I get 'above myself', I always have my family to tip their buckets of black humour over me. Some might say this was a strange birthday card, but it did make me laugh. And that's the point, surely. Better get shopping for antique brooches.

Be kind to each other while I go for the groceries. Can you manage that? I have faith in you.