Tuesday, July 25, 2017

'Is that Mummy? No, that's Guitar George.'

Guitar George is the guitar tech for Teenage Fanclub. He used to work for Dire Straits, and Mark Knopfler wrote, Check out Guitar George, he knows all the fancy chords. 

So, there we all were at the wonderful Deer Shed Festival. Except I got left out of the drawing, in favour of lovely George (artist's Impression by Tess, 7). Fair do. Can you believe 45% percent of the crowd were kids? Heck yeah... Let the kids rock!

It was quite a sight to behold all the parents pulling their babes round in prairie wagons like this one; sleeping cherubs bedecked with blankets, ear protectors and fairy lights. Really.

Tess was madly envious and wanted one too, but had to make do with standing at the side of the stage, cheering for her father drumming, and developing a kid-crush on lovely Norman Blake. What an adventure for all. 

Thanks to the Deer Shed staff for being so kind. If you like festivals and you have small kids, saddle up the horses for this one next year.