Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What is it with low sofas?

I am currently surfing for new sofas. What is it with the ubiquitous low-slung sofa? Okay, they look modern and create a sense of space and feng shui, but come on, we need back support and head support and a general comforting 'flump' in the act of sitting down. I say nay - nay way - to the low sofa and will keep up the search for upholstered comfort of a more traditional variety.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Phew - it's not as bad as it looks!

So, Hugh loves his bath and he has just learned to pull out the plug. Ah well, I thought, he shall learn a new association: no plug, no water. The simple poetry of learning. No plug, no water? No woman, no cry. That sort of thing. Only this time we both learned something new - fingers down the plughole for half a second, big cry. When he pulled them out, he had nasty cut. Ouch and How the frig?!

Cue me getting all panicky as the blood dripped into the bath and spotted on to the white towel. I scooped him up and he smeared it on his face and generally all-over-the-place, like a convincing audition for Casualty (I never watch it anymore but I can imagine). Oh, my wee boy!

But it was okay in the end. We got the necessary bandage - I phoned Devoted Grandparents and they came with some gauze and white tape and we made a cartoon finger bandage, that looked was better and more fitting than the soggy plasters that were still looking too red for comfort.

Phew and double Phew. Hugh then got all excited and smiley for the unexpected ceremony of bath time visitors and ministerings. So, kids, today's Sesame Street lesson is ...beware of plugholes. Sometimes baddies might be lurking down there, after all. No need to go poking around, just in case.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mystery shopper

The other day, in the supermarket, I set down my wire basket of shopping and wandered briefly to another aisle. When I came back it was gone. I asked the cashiers and no one had seen it. The manager checked with the shelf-stackers and they all agreed that another customer must have taken it up.

I wondered what kind of customer suddenly decided that today was the day he (or she) couldn't live without 2 tiramasu, value-pack avocados and 11 Huggies aqua nappies.


Monday, July 06, 2009

Breaking News in Times Square

So.., as I was saying, we were in Times Square and I overheard an American voice ask, 'Is Michael Jackson dead?' and I thought, there is a person who doesn't know anything about anything, a person who hasn't a clue. It's Elvis who's dead, and John Lennon, and Kennedy. Duh.

And then it flashed up on the giant screens that poor 'old' Wacko Jacko had joined them. Jeeze. I never felt strongly about him, one way or the other, but what a sad end. Billie Jean was my favourite song. It was so 1983, (or was it '84?).

My sister and I occasionally referred to Michael Jackson as Meek-leh. (We changed the names of a lot of people for no apparent reason - pre Heat Magazine). My sister would walk into the room, wriggle her leg like Jackson dancing and then say, Meek-leh leg.

I'm not sure that works in translation, but I've said it now.

Yes, the pedestrianisation of Times Square has my full approval. You can never get too much pedestrianisation. Get a few pigeons elected to the city council and there would be no looking back.


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Bonkers Jet Lag

Wow, the jet lag is rumbling on. I can't get to sleep before 3am or wake before 11am. (Mr Hugh is sleeping 10pm to 11am too, with one 'night' feed in between). Today I'm trying to break the cycle. I've been yawning since 8am and trying to stay awake so I can go to sleep earlier tonight. That's the theory. I might have to sellotape my eyelids open this afternoon.