Monday, January 29, 2018

An Interview and Three Poems at The New Writers Awards

Check me getting over-excited on the live stream. I thought I was on the Wogan Show, circa 1981. If you like the poems, Past Love in the Museum of Transport is available from Tapsalteerie Press and a few Glasgow bookshops soon!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Half a Century (No Fakers)

Well, Amigos....what a week to turn 50.

My poetry launch doubled up as a wee 50th birthday bash and delightful it was too. The house band were: my own Francis Macdonald, Sophie Pragnell Bell from Sister John and pal, Alex MacLean, who sang beautifully. 

Poetry Superstar Liz Lochhead joined in with aplomb. I would call her the icing on the cake, but she might tell me not to use cliches. 

Thursday was the New Writers Awards Showcase in Edinburgh. We all had a great night - here with fellow writers, Anna Stewart, Christine Laurenson and Julie Rea.

If you want to read Past Love in the Museum of Transport, you can buy it here at Tapsalteerie Press.