Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In Search of a Midnight Kiss...

...is the indie film I saw tonight. I enjoyed it much more than I had bargained for. Stuart came to the cinema with me and he whispered that the film featured the apartment block he stayed in and the local cafe he frequented while recording in LA.

I've never been to America myself. I'd like to go one day, before flying becomes socially taboo and the world's oil runs out. There, I've gone all Woody-Allen-pessimistic on the environment again. Must-keep-up-eco-morale! We really need to start some lateral thinking on the big issues. Solar panels and wind farms - I open my arms to them all.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lost e-mails, double trews...

Thanks for all the kind messages of congratulations. I hear that some people e-mailed me at my old e-mail addresses and the e-mail's didn't get through. Tiscali and Talk Talk are no longer.

Alas, I lost my Outlook Express email address book when my laptop was stolen and I don't know how to import addresses on the new Windows Vista. For those trying to get in touch, the best way is to email me via the blog link. I think there is a link?!

What a lot of rain has fallen, on these longest days of the year. The breeze is still chilly enough that I have resorted back to wearing the double trew (two pairs of trousers at once). It's a combination that I usually reserve for October to April wear. My sister tells me I should get warmer, further on in the pregnancy. It's like carrying a human hot-water bottle around, she said.


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Great Expectations

Well, I'm finally back in the blogosphere, with the happy news that Nice Man and I are expecting a bambino in November. Amazing huh?

The scan above was taken at 10.5 weeks and I'm now about week 17 -approximately 4 months. ( I had no idea about what week numbers meant, until it happened to me). I'm feeling reasonably well and still hope to do my part-time job until Autumn. We won't know if it's a boy or a girl until birth. Glasgow NHS has a 'don't tell' policy, and it's probably better as a surprise. I'm not into all this painting-the-nursery-pink-or-blue shenanigans. Cultural conditioning can wait.

Yesterday I was 'best man' at Stuart and Marisa's Glasgow wedding celebration. I told the crowd to bear with me, if there were a few pregnant pauses in my speech...ha, ha. I also made a quip about baseball that nobody laughed at, so I jumped in and said Nice Man had given me that joke, then got a big laugh.

I'll see if I can post some photos later.