Sunday, December 02, 2007

M&S, S&M

My dear friends, Stuart and Marisa got married in New York. May happiness reign upon them!



aimaz said...

Lovely couple. I wish they live a happy life together :)


murdoness said...

Marks and Spencers,
Sadism and masochism.

I read and re-read the title before i read the article, so i was a little miffed.

Congrats to them i say.

Tyler said...

that's a beautiful wedding photo.

david.moore99 said...

M & S, S & M - its just turning the tables round in Marks And Spencer's!

Congratulations to you both & I wish you a long & happy marraiage!

greenwords said...

I love that wedding photo, what a beautiful couple, if they accept congratulations from strangers in the Southern Hemisphere please pass on mine! And well done on your best man gig too! Joy all round.

Jon said...

I'm late to the party but congratulations to the lovely couple.