Thursday, November 15, 2007


Oh, Readers of Blog, excuse my absence, if indeed you are still here. Things have been busy, which is, of course, fabulous. Most recently I was out on a filming day with the friendly wee film company. Myself and a camera man attended a local fashion show and did our best to get some decent footage. Well, he looked through the camera and I just chirped in with the odd suggestion. Oh, look, there's Kirsty Wark, etc...

We were there to film outfits in Harris Tweed, but the shocker of the evening happened when a model's hair caught fire. Thank the Lordio that she was okay in the end. She was a gorgeous black girl with a stunning Afro, and a candle caught her hair from behind. The flames shot up a foot high (flammable hairspray) and the audience screamed. The model took a couple of seconds to realise what was happening before a bouncer leapt on the stage and started slapping down the flames. I think they wrapped her head in a heavy curtain to put out the fire.

Subsequent models kept coming on to the stage but the audience couldn't relax until the hair-fire model came on again at the end, wearing a Harris Tweed coat. You could smell the burnt hair and see her Afro clumped like a matted poodle at the back, but she strutted beautifully, gave one last turn and blew the audience a kiss, as we whooped and cheered in relief.

The fashion show was for a great cause - Maggie's Centres, built to help support people with cancer and their relatives in a non hospital setting.


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