Monday, April 30, 2018

It's Been Ages / Yogurts and Shyness

Bloggo Pals! Yes, I'm still here.

My mum used to have a theory about storing yogurt in the fridge. If the yogurt was one day past use by or sell by date, you just kept it on the shelf in a prominent position. I'll probably eat that tomorrow, you'd say. 

Two day, three days, you move it around a bit, to reach things at the back of the fridge. Four days, you say, I really better throw that yogurt out. But you can't quite bring yourself to. 

You feel ashamed of your food and plastic waste! You wager that you could eat it, even now and still be okay. But you don't. It becomes harder and harder to throw it out, until one day, a month later, you say, now is the time for action, for fridge clear-out!

And so it is with blogging. If I don't blog for months, I go all shy and yogurt-limbo, and can't think what to say. Daft, I know. 

I've built a new fish pond in my garden.  I'm waiting for goldfish poems to strike me. Today, a pigeon took a drink and fell in. It had to flap its wings in ungainly fashion to get out again. I need a Ducks Welcome sign. An old guy in the pet shop said, you better watch out for the Herons. He was a bit 'Royston Vasey' in a nice way.

Remember kids: Be the Strange You Want to See. Moustaches are okay on a Monday.

More Poetry News soon, good people.