Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Slugs too trusting

I never know what to do with the nightly explosion of slugs in my garden. They cause conflict in the 'Never Be Cruel To Animals' part of my brain. I go out to try and kill them with a spade, but they are so trusting. The security light comes on and their big antenna - or are those their eyes (?) just reach out further. Exploring.  Saying hello. It just feels so wrong to bap them.  And yet, if I don't they will eat every lettuce, broad bean and strawberry they can find. And the hosta....well, it gets skeletal.

I'm stalling any squeamish massacres by surfing online for effective slug control online. Notice my euphemism there. Control. Poisoning them seems even worse. If only I could herd them all into some kind of holiday camp for slugs. Snail World. Slugs on sun loungers with cocktails and all the rotting vegetation they can eat. Just don't let them come back.