Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back again and back issues

Hello, it's strange being back here. I usually try to forget that I have a blog because I don't update it.

So, where were we? Well, the kids are 4 and nearly-3. For the most part life is still good. But my back? What is going on?

For weeks now, I 've been waking up in the night to lower/middle back pain that feels as if there's a lump of coal hurting in my spine. My GP has run a few blood tests and found evidence of inflammation (raised ESR) and is exploring the possibility that it could be the beginnings of arthritis or spondylitis.

Jesus. I bloody hope not. What will become of my general bonhomie and borderline smugness at having turned my life around after 20 years of a previous chronic illness? What of my unscientific, 'gut' feeling that mind/body medicine probably has most of the answers, if we just knew how to unearth them?

I don't know. My 'Nice Man' (still here too) says, 'wait and see,' and, 'don't get ahead of yourself'.

Tomorrow I'm back at the doctor. We shall see.