Thursday, August 21, 2008

Barbapapa and the 37p lemon

Today I am wearing a pale pink jumper and Nice Man commented that I look like Barbapapa - remember him?

World readers might be aware that we are suffering a UK 'credit crunch', and the phrase has to be used on virtually every news bulletin. Of course it's noticeable across all grocery shopping, but yesterday I saw the 37 pence lemon for the first time. In a supermarket too! I remember the stable 15p lemon and the feasible 19p lemon. I had been mildly perturbed by 31p lemon, but wow, 37p? Will it be 45p next month?

Ah, the true cost of man's environmental impact. What on earth can we do for the next generation? Ah well, it's okay...babies probably won't like eating lemons.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lunch box lurkers

Hoorah - week 27 of the pregnancy and I am always hungry. I was sitting in the waiting room of my lovely massage girl, waiting for a foot massage, and I pulled out my (see-through plastic) lunch box to eat the dry crusts I had left there earlier. Yes, that hungry. The receptionist jumped up in fright and yelped. What's wrong? I asked. Oh, she said, as I opened the lunchbox, sorry, but I thought you had a tarantula in there. I've heard about odd cravings in pregnancy, but tarantulas in lunch boxes? Her subconscious must have been looking out for one.