Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How Big is the Blogosphere?

Are blogs the new passive telephone calls that you just listen in on? Stuart phoned me to see if I'd come out for a coffee and I couldn't and I found myself saying 'you can read my blog.' Like instead (?!) When he's away on tour or recording, I wait for new blog entries to hear his news. In a weird way it's almost more intimate than a phone call. You feel as if hundreds of others are reading a blog, but if the blogger is your pal you feel like you have a front row seat. Maybe everyone feels like that?

I can't get my head round the magnitude of the internet. And there are still vast swathes of the world without it. What happens when everyone climbs on? Is there room for billions more pages and blogs and vlogs?! (video logs - as I just learned the other day). Is it infinite? To infinity and


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