Monday, September 26, 2005

To Blog or Not to Blog?

The whole blog thing has made me think. There's such a culture of 'not getting above yourself' here in Scotland. It's like holding your hand up to answer questions at school. You always feel that some of the class are staring disapprovingly at the more vocal. But then the great thing about blogs is that nobody has to read them. You're only here if you want to be.

I had started reading a few random blogs and it's the everyday trivia that I like to relate to. One blogger was excited to have £14 of advantage card points at Boots. I find myself nodding at the screen.

So for today's trivia - I had tea on Byres Road. It rained till huge puddles formed by the roadside (making me think of the easy joy of being a kid in welly boots). I watched the Bob Dylan documentary with people who love and appreciate Bob much more than I know how to.

-Ciara. (I no like when people pronounce it Key-ara. There's always a few...).


the coolest person in the world said...

I hate when people pronounce my name "Ray-Gun" it's REEEEGAAAN!!! I have been tempted to legally change the spelling of my name!

Ciara said...

ooh yes,

empathy! All my life I've had Key-ara and Clara and See-ara. Attempts at spelling are Kiera, Kira, Siera, Kieran (a boy's name) etc etc.

Have you thought of carrying a ray gun and then whipping it out and saying, no *this* is Ray Gun?


the coolest person in the world said...

HA HA HA! That would be hilarious! I'll have to search around online to see if anyone actually sells Ray Guns!

Maybe that's what I'll be for Halloween...a big ol' Ray Gun!

I was thinking that your name would be pronounced "See-ara" (Sorry! I guess I'm just like all the other bastards!) How do you pronounce it?