Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tone Deaf Clap Trap

And another thing...okay so this is my second entry today. After my philosophical morning trapped in bed, I finally got out for a 'coffee' with Stuart (everyone says 'out for coffee' even if they mean tea.) We sat in the window of a coffee shop and - as often - I felt a wave of physical relief just to be out of my flat and part of the 'real' world. It's good to people watch.

Afterwards we went down to the studio. The band were remixing some tracks and they needed background hand claps. So Stuart asked me to clap around a microphone with the others. There was a guitar bit (a middle 8 or whatever it's called) where they all knew to stop - and I did an accidental extra clap. I thought I'd blown it but I think they can edit it out (?)

Just as well I'm tone deaf or I would have wanted to play in a band or be a singer. It's a relief when it's an absolute - i.e. I cannot sing in tune. No dispute. Easy decision.

I was singing to my 2 year old niece the other day and when I finished she said 'again!' You've got to find your audience, I feel.

I'll try and upload my first blog photo. It's a poster from the new B&S merchandise at It's also me lying in my bed, not singing. So it kind of ties in....



the coolest person in the world said...

Forgive me if I'm not reading your post correctly, but is that really you in the poster? It's beautiful! So, is Belle & Sebastian the band you were "clapping" for? What an honor! They truley are a great band. Let me know the name of the song (if it's ever released) and I'll listen for your clap! :)

Great blog - I will be checking back!

Ciara said...

Why, thank you coolest,

Yes, I clapped on a B&S track called 'The Blues are still Blue.'
I guess it might be on their next albulm or a B side. They have yet to decide the selection.

It is good to get a genuine blog comment and not one that is trying to sell me viagra. How can I delete those ones? (wonders to self).


the coolest person in the world said...

That's cool - I'll have to look for that song. :)

By the way, I have some venitian blinds that I am selling and they are a steal! Check them out at