Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Investigating intae stuff

Hi again,

A friend sent me a link for literary quotes of the day -

so I'll subscribe to that and see if it lends me any inspiration. I like it when I hear vernacular snippets that wouldn't qualify as a literary but capture something subtle and true. My dad told me that someone once complained to him that they found apples to be 'an uphill struggle.' (I've taken to making smoothies myself and the conversion is total - every day I drink a few glasses of a pulped banana/strawberry/pear/orange juice).

So I've been stuck inside a lot this week. Fluctuation in symptoms is just one of the many bewildering aspects to ME. One day I can get out for a few hours and pass for normal; the next day I feel as if I've accidentally swallowed a cocktail of horse tranquilizers with a dash of arsenic -and a wee pink umbrella on the side. Even reading is a struggle.

Then there's the ME spectrum - the brutal facts are: some people with ME are bedbound for years and have to be fed through a tube. When I can get out for a 'coffee' with friends, then I feel lucky and grateful for that hour.

I was at my brother's house yesterday and he lit a crackling wood fire and cooked me a great veggie lasagne. I've always known that 3 of the things I'd cherish in life would be

-a real fire
-a garden
-a cat or a dog

I can hold these on my reserve wish list. Or should I? From my limited knowledge of Buddhism - it teaches that desire only makes us unhappy and the key to fufillment is savouring every moment, without climing up on its shoulders to see what you can have next. (When I went to restaraunts I used to always look at the dessert menu first. No longer. My body protests at excess sugar.) Whoops, this wasn't meant to go all Gillian McKeith on you.

Which brings up another aspect of World Wide blogging - popular cultural references. Are there people reading who think 'Gillian Ma Who?' Oh, you get this jist.

'You'll need to get that investigated intae...' I was once told. So then: to pull this ramble together. For a life worth living? Investigate intae everything, pulverise fruit into a drinkable form and have a nice Now.


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Amit said...

Hi Ciara

I run, and discovered this link through a web search. I'm glad you make use of quotes of the day.

It is true to say these quotes are for a generalist/populist audience, often not literary. I'm working on features that will allow people to save their favourites, write their own quotes, under a certain license, and then share them with others.

Thanks for the link!

Best wishes

Amit (UK)