Friday, October 14, 2005

Pap Fiction

Write, don't think. Just keep writing. This is what our writing teacher recommends we do in class exercises. He means fiction but I think the same 'dive straight in' ethos is required for blogging.

I don't sleep till 3 or 4 am so I'm often online after midnight. Tonight I went with Stuart to a John Peel tribute gig to see Camera Obscura. It's just an accident that my closest friends are in bands. I mean, gigs give me migraines. Hilarious irony. But I do like Camera Obscura so it was good to hear a few songs.

For my dinner I had some corn on the cob - grown in Stuart's dad's garden - in Ayr! I didn't even know that maize corn could grow in Scotland. Since when could we grow yellow food? I love the thrill of getting free food from nature with no pesticides. I like to find wild berries and mushrooms. Even if I don't eat them, I like to see them flourish.

When I lived on the Island of Islay as a teenager (the halcyon pre-illness days) - I would do seasonal farm jobs like turnip thinning and potato picking. Crawling about in the soil and the fresh air all day. I'd ache at night but it would be a good satisfied ache, and I fell asleep like dropping off a cliff. And I'd wake up next morning and look out my window to the Paps of Jura....(called paps as they look like boobs. Maybe the mention of this will get me a few more hits on google).

I'm trying to post a photo of the view but it stubbornly refuses to copy and paste so it'll be in a separate post till I learn how to show and tell like the other bloggers. Technology. T'is great if you know how.


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