Monday, October 10, 2005

Set Radar to Scone-age

Blog phase one is delighting in the novelty of blogging, the distances words can travel, the immediacy of it all. Blog phase two is a hovering feeling that you'd better write some more as leaving the blog unattented is like being a lazy parent. So excuse me blog, if I've left you alone infront of the telly, dribbling yoghurt on your bib.

I had an enjoyable weekend. On Friday night Stuart and I went to an informal poetry evening in Tchai-Ovna. Some of my friends were there and we saw Tom Leonard read. What a performer.

On Saturday Belle and Sebastian were playing. The spontaneous Bob Dylan cover and Stevie's new song were brilliant - 'To be myself completely, I just have to let you go.' What a line. i.e Stevie, not Bob! Afterwards, Francis and I went to the Woodside and chatted to Camera Obscura.

On Sunday Stuart and I set the radar to scone-age and drove out into the country looking for quality home baking. We keep joking about a guide that we will publish, listing and rating all the 'wee old lady' cafes that we find on Sunday drives. The carrot and walnut cake of Kilearn was almost unsurpassed.

In the evening I enjoyed the Alan Bennet documentary (he'd enjoy a good scone trip too). Then I said farewell to Frankie boy as he's off with Teenage Flan club on a pastry tasting tour of Europe for 7 weeks. Well not really, but you know what I mean.

My writing night class starts on Tuesday. Yay.


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