Sunday, October 16, 2005

You Guys!

Doesn't this look comfortable? They're called inversion tables and they cost from £100 upwards. I have no 'try before you buy' option, so I was improvising with a collapsed ironing board propped up against the sofa. I have this theory that inverting myself would help the blood flow to my brain and ease my migraine type headaches.

So I was lying inverted on my ironing board discussing the fact that a trip to Pollock Park on a Sunday afternoon might involve big queues at scone counter. You'd have to arm yourself with a Bavarian loaf and go in there swinging,' said Stuart. He was right. My head was too sore so he left me to it.

My dad phoned and I asked,

'What are you guys doing?'
'Pulling up my blouse and getting out my nipples.'
I thought this was some weird Spike Milligan moment. Dad said that they met a woman in America and anytime she and her husband were asked 'What are you guys doing?' she made a show of pointing to her breasts, in an excuse-me-I'm-not-a-guy way. Personally, I'd have asked for a computer print out of her DNA with a double X chromosome. They could have been falsies. (Will this get me more hits on google?)

Lastly, has anyone skyped yet? It's amazing. Free calls over the internet. Just check out and buy one of those call centre head sets. It's the next revolution.


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the coolest person in the world said...

I hate migraines. I use Afrin - it's a nasal spray and I like to think that it helps. I'll have to try the ironing board technique!!! Sounds very "New Age" or "Retro-Housewife"...I can't decide.

In our city there is a guy we call "Dude-with-boobs". He is a balding 30-year-old man with female breasts that walks around downtown. He's not homeless...just looks odd. You can read more about him at my boyfriends blog - It's under the Aug. 31st entry.