Saturday, December 10, 2005

Cheery Peeps

I just had an e mail from a pal telling me she was a bit fed up and she was off to check my blog to 'cheer herself up.' I didn't realise I was performing any kind of public service. In fact, I've been feeling a few dips in morale myself. As a consequence, I tend not to post. But let's all just admit to our shortcomings shall we? A bit of honesty could be mutually beneficial.

In winter I tend to resign myself to hibernatory evenings in bed or on the sofa. This weekend, the programme that cheered me up most was Peep Show. It's a comedy about two 30-something flatmates who obsess over social etiquette in Woody Allen type ways. It has dry quotes like -'Look Jeremy, Frosties are just cornflakes for people who can't face reality.'

When I post an entry I usually do an image search on google for an accompanying photo. A search for 'Pe
ep Show' also produced this -
and this...

And a few other shots you can look up in your own time.

Another phone friend of mine with ME was in a bad relapse recently. She was too ill to watch telly and could only listen to the radio. The discussion on the radio station was fairly boring and my pal said she needed some kind of breaking news story to distract her from her pain. "Something like Elton John splitting up with David Furnish and all the panelists could analyze it..." I have to say I burst out laughing. We all have different coping methods but that's quite elaborate. Mind you, I have been known to watch programmes about celebrity body language when the going gets tough.
Lastly, I went to a garden centre today to try and buy a compost bin as an eco friendly Christmas present. They didn't have any. They had armies of robotic santas that played jingle bells when you pressed their boots. Which reminds me, Stuart said he once saw an inflatable Santa on a crucifix in Japan. Merry Crucifixion Everyone.

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