Sunday, December 04, 2005

Chicken and Egg

Meeting a chicken in the road was one of my highlights of the day. It's just the silly unexpectedness of it . Stuart and I had parked the car down a deserted country road and gone for a short walk towards a waterfall. The air was still and fresh and quiet, save for the sound of the river. And this wee chicken came strutting along the road making a throat-purr noise (that reminded me of the noise Marge Simpson makes when she has misgivings). I fed the chicken some crips and it seemed quite appreciative. 'If you fatten it up, it'll be pakora by Friday,' said Stuart. We spotted an eagle, a heron and a couple of robins. I was waiting for a family of foxes doing the conga by the river bank.
We had tea in a sconey shop where most of the clientelle were over 65 and very polite. I think it's cool when you see older couples drinking tea in silence and they don't look like they've fallen out; just that they're comfortable enough that they don't have to force conversation.
Although I do like evesdrop on the odd phrase. I heard the lady behind me say 'I've stopped using soap.' I guess she's looking at alternatives.
I asked Stuart about a friend of ours who used to get stressed a lot. I asked if she was happy now. Stuart said, 'She's got three children - she's no time to be happy.' And I thought, good point. If you have time or room to be happy (or even content), best to look it in the face. Best to feed crisps to chickens when you meet them crossing the road. It works for me.

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