Sunday, December 18, 2005

Good old BBC

Despite watching it alone, I inadvertently started clapping as the credits rolled on the final episode of Bleak House. One of these occasions when I feel proud of the BBC and what it stands for. What a series. Stupendous characters in Mr Jarndyce, Mr Guppy, Esther Summerson and the gorgeous Lady Dedlock.

I wish I was back at English Lit classes to discuss the morals of the story: why do most of the characters spend their life chasing the wrong things - money, ill fated love, reputation - and then get ill in the process? Only on their four-poster death beds do they see the error of their ways. They're granted a few pasty faced seconds to repent before slipping away. Is this what we have to look forward to? And why did Esther's small pox scars conveniently clear up for her wedding day? Max Factor wasn't a Dicken's character...

Anyway, it's all good and shiny and happy. Perfect for a dreich Sunday afternoon before Christmas.



AJ said...

I couldn't agree more.. a great drama series by the BBC..... Now I know where the TV license fee goes. A great part for Gillian Anderson, (from the X files), as Lady Dedlock. All in all a great cast.

I love your blog so much so that I have included it in my blog at

Ciara said...

Why, thank you so much aj,

I have just checked out your blog too. I like the freecycle post.

I am unable to do direct links as yet or I would link to it. I wish I could do that thing where you write click here and when you click on the word here - it takes you straight there!