Saturday, February 25, 2006

Pond Eat Pond World

Do you remember when you'd rather stay in and watch TV than go out and play with your pals? Then they'd call you square eyes? I'm going to get interwebitis as a result of too much trivia surfing. My excuse is that I can't get out to play tonight...

This afternoon I got beaten at chess by my five year old friend, Luca. It was more like a dead heat and I was willing my king to fall over just to put me out of my misery. Okay, so it was my first chess game in about 24 years and Luca was referring to his pawns as 'ponds'; 'eating' my 'ponds'. A fair contest.
I remember going to Luca's house on a past occasion and there were two new kids there and when I walked into the room he ran up to me and said, Ciara, this is Alexander and this is Jonathan. It was totally unprompted and of his own volition. And I thought, some adults live their whole lives without ever learning such gracious social skills, and here's a 4 year old boy trying to make me feel included.
I'm having a Saturday night in by myself. I've already eaten crumpets with jam, chocolate biscuits and sang loudly along with Dolly Parton. What other treats await? I pledge to direct my square eyes towards a good book.

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