Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Double Kisses, Single Goodbyes.

Will someone please issue standard guidelines about social kissing? We have gone all European and lots of folks now aim for a kiss on both cheeks..but not everyone. I can get traumatised by one side alone; now we have to do that awkward head jiggle, trying to guess if two kisses are required.
It's almost as embarrassing as 'The Double Goodbye' as cited in 'Curb your Enthusiasm'; when you say a big flurry of goodbyes to someone and then meet them again two minutes later - eg. at the till in Somerfield. (Don't get me started on the shortcomings of Somerfield).
So last night, I enjoyed the miscellaneous social collision in the pub, that was Alasdair Gray , Stuart, Marisa, Francis, and The Tourettes. You can see I've just learned to do links. We talked philosophy and life after death. Or not.
Okay, bye for now. That'll be a single goodbye.
PS Picture is by Francesco Hayez.


Catherine said...

Haha, that made me laugh..the kissing dilemma reminds me of the little dance you do when a person walking towards you goes one way and you want to go the same way, and what follows is a kind of Morris Dance. Very awkward! As for The Tourettes, I'd be worried about repeated kisses with their condition...(joke) Anyhoo, I always go for one kiss sweetie!

Sue Jackson said...

Hi, Ciara -
I always enjoy your posts. It sounds as though you're having a good week and enjoying the spring weather.

My husband and I used to joke about the etiquette of passing someone at work in the hallway. The first time, you say hello or good morning. The second time, it's just a nod and a smile. By the third time, it gets uncomfortable and you just try to ignore each other!