Friday, April 14, 2006

Munching Cliches

So this is Loch Lomond by Balmaha (in summer by the look of it). Today the daffodils were out and the lambs were prancing about the fields. I was there with Stuart and Marisa and we lay down in the heather and looked across the loch. It was glorious. Windy and bright with snow on the distant hilltops. I was nibbling my way through oatcakes from a tartan coloured packet, which Stuart said was like 'swigging a bottle of Bucky in Easterhouse.' Sorry, I realise this joke will not translate outside Scotland. It was like buying clogs in Holland or rollerblading down Venice Beach in a bikini top. I was a munching cliche. I try to carry an emergency oatcake about my person, for times of need.



Sue Jackson said...

It sounds beautiful. I'd love to visit Scotland..and a million other places, too. My husband teases me about carrying "emergency rations" with me at all times! I am constantly accompanied by a Ziploc baggie full of nuts or trail mix to whip out and munch on whenever hunger threatens, along with my water bottle.


Janette said...

Ohhhhhhhh I know those oatcakes, I think I have a packet in all my bags and jacket pockets, I am glad to hear someone else has this strange trait. I can say without doubt that I have never swug (is that a word) from a bottle of Bucky, but if I ever were to it would most definately be for medicinal purposes.

Meg said...

Yip, I've got some lovely wee biscuit boxes from Lakeland, which are always packed with oatcakes! It seems like a fine habit to me!!!