Saturday, May 13, 2006

Constant Gardening

I'm back from niece-visiting in Engerland, excited to have a bath in my own flat and to be reunited with my electric toothbrush. It was good and yet hectic:toddler tantrums and car-alarm cries redeemed by moments of unplanned cuteness. I'm amazed at the levels of energy required for the basic maintenance of children. 'The first year is all gardening,' said my sister. Here's to their constant effort.
Tonight I caught up on reading other blogs and I realise that all blogs are better read as they are posted. Catching up on backlogged blogs doesn't have the same appeal. I still worry about the whole self centered-ness of being a blogger. I have converted a few friends to blogging and they haver about it too...we're a circle of slightly paranoid bloggers.
On my trip I arranged to meet an ME phone friend for the first time in person. We went to a restaurant and shared a cheese platter by candle light. It was uplifting to see her feeling better for the first time in years.

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Sue Jackson said...

Hi, Ciara -

Glad you've enjoyed your recent travels. Very accurate description of life with little kids! I like the gradening analogy, too.