Sunday, May 07, 2006

Limited Liberty by the letter L

Well, I had such a great time on Arran, I don't know where to begin. I risk boring you all with my you-should-have-seen-this talk. I'll have to discipline myself to one letter of the alphabet. Like L for lambs, log fires, lovely friends who invited me (thank yees), long beaches, local hospitality, lightning and thunder,
lasagne, laughter and leisurely chat, and most of all a luxurious sense of liberty - while it lasted. I'm wrecked again now, but I have happy mental postcards to leaf through.
I feel uncharacteristically busy as I'm away again tomorrow to visit my nieces for a week. Maddy is two and Nuala is a just few weeks old and cries a lot. To remedy this, Maddy offered to 'hit Nuala with a big stick'. Distraction will be required.
PS I'm changing fonts for a while.

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nmj said...

'happy mental postcards' - a lovely image, c, yeah, georgia font looks better! nmj x