Thursday, June 29, 2006

'Just Call Me Besotted'

Nine days and counting til I'm off with Mr Nice Man on 'wur holidays' to this wee town in Mallorca. I bought a proper snorkel mask today. It wasn't too cheap but when I tried snorkelling once before, I bought a mask from the bucket-and-spade-and-sombrero shop. All the water got in the side. I have learned my lesson! This time I wish to commune with the fish.

It was good to catch up with Stuart this week between his European and US tours. He came snorkel shopping with me and we got a blimmin parking ticket which he kindly offered to pay for. I'll pay him back. I really will.

We sometimes meet people around Glasgow from our shared history when we were both ill. Today we met a guy we called, 'just call me besotted,' as this was what he randomly said to me at a party years ago. It was nice to say hello. I prefer that, rather than pretending not to remember someone. And it was a funny line. We went to some silly parties back then. I once dressed up as a sailor and Stuart was Dennis the Menace. Looking for mischief, clearly.


PS On reflection I think my post may be unfair to 'Call me besotted.' Indeed, just call me, 'She's got a cheek blogger.'

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Cost of the Fight

I was crying yesterday when I read of the case of 32 year old Sophia Mirza who died as a result of having ME. The autopsy found acute inflammation of the brain stem and spinal cord. And yet the line quoted by many reports is that she died of a 'fatigue syndrome.' That useless and inaccurate word 'fatigue'. How can it possibly describe the kind of systemic collapse that leaves people unable to move, talk or chew food? Sophia's was a heart-breaking case and it was her last wish that her mother tell her story to help the fight for research and real understanding of the severity of ME.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jet Lag x 30 without the Journey

The topic today is jet lag without the plane, hence I can crow bar in a cute photo of my niece on a flight. But seriously folks, a private doctor once took a test to measure my levels of melatonin over 24 hours. If melatonin is high and rising we feel drowsy and jet lagged. If it's low and falling, we feel awake. In true jet lag the body's internal clock (and its secretion of melatonin) gets out of synch. The morning reading of my melatonin was actually off the scale of the test. It was above 30 times the normal range. I still sleep for 8 hours and wake up feeling as if I am under anaesthetic; as if I have flown to New Zealand and back and forgot to get off the plane. It's a horrible feeling of being cheated. The medical books call it 'non-refreshing sleep,' which feels like a euphemism for the more common or garden 'death warmed up.' It's so mysifying and demoralising. I tried a light box, which is supposed to deplete melatonin but it didn't work for me personally;and later I read of a controlled study where it didn't work for other PWME either.
Anyway, I start the day feeling wrecked and if I'm lucky I'll get out for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I'm going for a massage later with the talented Paula who has a great turn of phrase. On the topic of trying to brush back teeth effectively she said, 'I nearly gie myself the dry boke, so I do.'

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Do Leave the Light on Baby

I visited this lighthouse on Islay. There were goats with beards scrambling about the rocks, looking alarmed by my presence. I flew back today and realised how my tendency to impatience can overtake reason. The small Islay plane had to abort a take off on the runway. The pilot announced that a warning light was flashing so they would have to run a few checks. The checks seem to take ages. We sat on the runway with engines revving and I kept thinking, sod the warning light, let's just take off, shall we? I'll risk it...
Pilots always have sexy voices - ultra capable and relaxed. This guy had lovely Irish accent.
PS. Font sizes? I'm confused as my new Windows XP seems to make all the screen text smaller. Different computers and browsers show different sizes. I'm making my blog text bigger just incase. Is it too 'shouty?' I hate peering at the screen as if I need glasses. And excuse any spelling mistakes. My spell checker no worky.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Scottish Hotel Biscuit Challenge

I launch it here and now:- the Scottish hotel biscuit challenge. I can't believe how many times I've gone into a rural hotel, mid afternoon in Scotland and ordered a cup of tea. I'll pause politely, then ask if they have biscuits, or scones or 'anything like that.' They can usually do tea (often with uht milk from a plastic thimble) but the biscuit part leaves them with a blank or mildly disapproving expression. It's as if I'm asking for a cup of tea and some class A drugs please. Eye rolling and intake of breath ensue. You're a HOTEL, for god's sake; not a fishing tackle shop or a sawdust and spit bar. Sort it out.

Apart from that, I'm still on holiday enjoying the nature-fest and conversations with friendly locals. People I meet after 20 years away say, 'you still look the same,' which is nice. They've forgotten the Madonna 80's perm then.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Saponification - I'm Worth It!

This is the Isle of Islay as viewed by the man on the moon. I grew up here from age 10 to age 17 and I'm flying there tomorrow for a wee holiday with my parents. The plane is like a pencil with wings and takes about half an hour from Glasgow. Will it be warm enough to swim in the sea?

Hey - I'm on my new laptop. I thought the experience would be like running through daisy fields naked but it's more like learning to drive a mini bus when you're used to a car. I keep getting security pop ups telling me I need to update my software - and the computer is only an hour old. I haven't worked out how to import all my settings yet. Sorry, this is nerd-speak, mere teething trouble.

I do get fond of specifics and my chosen products though. I use a green soap called Olivio (or is it Olivia?) and the only ingredient is 'saponified olive oil'. God knows how they do that, but it sounds better than 23 chemicals because 'you're worth it.'


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

PC Plunge

I had to buy a new computer like swimers have to dive into the cold sea in one swift plunge. (Have you noticed how they call them notebooks now as opposed to laptops? Is 'laptop' too close to lap dancing?). I got edgy and indecisive in the shop and then eventually I held my debit card out to the salesman and I just wanted it over quickly. I walked out feeling elated with the urge to spend more money.
The dental hygienist said my gums were a joy to see. She's easily pleased then. It's the best way to be. When I get the new notebook set up, I'll get back to more regular blogging.