Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Cost of the Fight

I was crying yesterday when I read of the case of 32 year old Sophia Mirza who died as a result of having ME. The autopsy found acute inflammation of the brain stem and spinal cord. And yet the line quoted by many reports is that she died of a 'fatigue syndrome.' That useless and inaccurate word 'fatigue'. How can it possibly describe the kind of systemic collapse that leaves people unable to move, talk or chew food? Sophia's was a heart-breaking case and it was her last wish that her mother tell her story to help the fight for research and real understanding of the severity of ME.

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Anonymous said...

Ciara - thanks for posting the BBC link. I hadn't realized the mainstream news had picked up the story. I hope Sophie's loss will eventually help other patients! - Jennie