Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Do Leave the Light on Baby

I visited this lighthouse on Islay. There were goats with beards scrambling about the rocks, looking alarmed by my presence. I flew back today and realised how my tendency to impatience can overtake reason. The small Islay plane had to abort a take off on the runway. The pilot announced that a warning light was flashing so they would have to run a few checks. The checks seem to take ages. We sat on the runway with engines revving and I kept thinking, sod the warning light, let's just take off, shall we? I'll risk it...
Pilots always have sexy voices - ultra capable and relaxed. This guy had lovely Irish accent.
PS. Font sizes? I'm confused as my new Windows XP seems to make all the screen text smaller. Different computers and browsers show different sizes. I'm making my blog text bigger just incase. Is it too 'shouty?' I hate peering at the screen as if I need glasses. And excuse any spelling mistakes. My spell checker no worky.

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nmj said...

Sexy pilot or not, I would've needed CBT on the spot to get me to stay on that plane. Yes, your fonts are bigger & bolder (in both Firefox & IE) since you got XP, but it looks fine, it's just when the size changes mid-post it can look odd, as mine did when I started!