Thursday, June 29, 2006

'Just Call Me Besotted'

Nine days and counting til I'm off with Mr Nice Man on 'wur holidays' to this wee town in Mallorca. I bought a proper snorkel mask today. It wasn't too cheap but when I tried snorkelling once before, I bought a mask from the bucket-and-spade-and-sombrero shop. All the water got in the side. I have learned my lesson! This time I wish to commune with the fish.

It was good to catch up with Stuart this week between his European and US tours. He came snorkel shopping with me and we got a blimmin parking ticket which he kindly offered to pay for. I'll pay him back. I really will.

We sometimes meet people around Glasgow from our shared history when we were both ill. Today we met a guy we called, 'just call me besotted,' as this was what he randomly said to me at a party years ago. It was nice to say hello. I prefer that, rather than pretending not to remember someone. And it was a funny line. We went to some silly parties back then. I once dressed up as a sailor and Stuart was Dennis the Menace. Looking for mischief, clearly.


PS On reflection I think my post may be unfair to 'Call me besotted.' Indeed, just call me, 'She's got a cheek blogger.'


Orynthia said...

I was in Glasgow one June and it was so cold I had to buy gloves. I asked my friend why they bother to have Summer clothes in the shops and he replied "... for our holidays". Hope you and Mr Nice Man have fun.


Andrew said...

Hullo Ciara,
I don't know if this would be of any interest to you, and I know that everyone is in a different situation, but a friend of mine with ME recently completed a newish programme which you can find out about by visiting
which she thinks, at this stage anyway, was helpful.
Have a lovely holiday!

Jen said...

Aww. Have a lovely holiday- I'm sure it will be splendid. Bring back lovely photos!:o)

ps. I wish I had friends who offered to pay my speeding tickets! :-p


Jen said...

I meant parking tickets by the way...time for bed me thinks! Have fun! x