Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Saponification - I'm Worth It!

This is the Isle of Islay as viewed by the man on the moon. I grew up here from age 10 to age 17 and I'm flying there tomorrow for a wee holiday with my parents. The plane is like a pencil with wings and takes about half an hour from Glasgow. Will it be warm enough to swim in the sea?

Hey - I'm on my new laptop. I thought the experience would be like running through daisy fields naked but it's more like learning to drive a mini bus when you're used to a car. I keep getting security pop ups telling me I need to update my software - and the computer is only an hour old. I haven't worked out how to import all my settings yet. Sorry, this is nerd-speak, mere teething trouble.

I do get fond of specifics and my chosen products though. I use a green soap called Olivio (or is it Olivia?) and the only ingredient is 'saponified olive oil'. God knows how they do that, but it sounds better than 23 chemicals because 'you're worth it.'



nmj said...

Ah, C, naked in daisy fields, no chance, though maybe that is what Microsoft would have us believe! Enjoy Islay, I imagine the pencil-winged planes are similar to the Isle of Man ones . . .

Texa said...

We get to Islay in a people carrier and the backwards sailing ferry! I'm not looking forward to purchasing my lap-top this week, I'll need my wellies for the boggy bit under the daisies!!
Keep writing, I know you find it hard but your 'voice' is unique.

Ciara said...

Gee thanks, Texa. I really enjoyed my wee trip to Islay. I'm sure I'll go back again soon enough.