Monday, July 17, 2006

The Midnight Hour

If you ever book a flight that is due to leave just after midnight, remember that the date changes. So, ten past mignight on 'Sunday' night is actually Monday morning and you get to feel like an imbecile by being 24 hours too late for check in. Your bottom lip will start to tremble and you will be invited to purchase alternative flights to Manchester at 3.20am. At this stage, you may cry to your partner and be very grateful that they don't verbalise or elaborate on your idiot status.

Eventually we got 2.40 am flights to Glasgow - a long night of hassle. Just as well we had a lovely holiday before that - snorkelling in turquoise waters; cafe con leches in street cafes; siestas and more siestas. Nice Man sang at an open air bar at the end of the harbour as the moon crept up from behind the hills. We enjoyed the hospitality of amigos in Palma and we visited Chopin's hilltop monastery. Ah, the smell of the pines and the sound of goat bells ringing out in the dusk across the Tramuntana mountains...alegria.

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CatherineNiven said...

Hi Ciara,
Shame about the flight home - airport travel is stressful enough. Your holiday sounded lovely; I am mostly jealous of cafe con leche in outdoor cafes....
Cat x