Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Nano Nano

I read an article recently about the potential health risks of nanoparticles in cosmetics. New technology has allowed the creation of nanoparticles that are so miniscule you can get 8000 of them across the diameter of a human hair. Or is it 80000? Anyway - it's mind bending to think of the scale. Scientists are now voicing concerns that these particles could be absorbed by the skin and end up in parts of human cells and organs, where they shouldn't be. Call me paranoid. Wrap me in unchlorinated cotton wool. Tell me a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. But my gut instinct will protest that if I survived 38 years without nano particles in my toothpaste and suncream, then I don't need them now.
Quote- “Companies should stop treating their customers like guinea pigs and avoid marketing such products until nanomaterials are proven safe,” said FoE Scotland chief executive Duncan McLaren. “ In the past, regulators failed to heed early warning signs on substances like asbestsos and DDT resulting in serious environmental and financial costs. Today, they should be taking a precautionary approach.”
I took my suncream back to Boots and explained to the girl that I wanted to exchange it for one minus the nanos. She checked with her supervisor and reluctantly did the exchange while telling me her boss said, 'the papers are wrong.' I didn't reply. Neither of us has a degree in toxicology. I have a school of life diploma in trying to avoid the possibilty of even more vandalism in my cells. It can be quite a lonely classroom when most people think you're just being silly.



CatherineNiven said...

Hi, read this article too, was quite shocked. I know that there's aluminium in many beauty products and various rumours that float about the internet stating how dangerous it is. Apparently even plastic products 'give off' a chemical substance. I believe we are over exposed, but on the other hand, I like my beauty products. I guess that's an example of how complacent we've become. Catherine x

Angel Hiccups said...

Hi, I have just found my way onto your blog, and think its great!

I have just been back reading lots of your blog. I thought your poem "Nice Wheelchair" was brilliant, and I'm so glad you are so much better.

I find the whole nanotechnology fascinating, unfathomable and terrifying all at once!