Monday, July 03, 2006

This is me since yesterday

July already? Laura Hird has a dynamic website with a monthly showcase for new writers. This month I'm featured in the poetry section beside others whom I haven't read yet. I will peruse when I get time.
I feel wrecked after an enjoyable weekend staying with friends. I'm back to 'catching up' mode. Catching up on sleep. Catching up on unloading the dishwasher and chasing odd socks towards the washing machine. My hair could use a trim but it galls me to pay an average £40 a time when men can get clipped for a fiver. My sister had a business idea to start a chain of hair salons where you didn't have to talk trivia to the hairdresser. Speechless Styles. Sshh Hair. None of this, 'what shampoo do you normally use?'

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nmj said...

. . .i know, c, daylight robbery, the place i used to go to in edinburgh now charges £46 a time, so i stopped going, i mean, almost £50 to have your locks trimmed is just not on! i too prefer it when they don't speak, some of them are terrorists, like the woman who used to highlight my hair, she would scrunch it up too tightly and roll it in those papers that make you look like boy george, and i was too scared to complain, she was a real bully . . . she once gave me shit cos i had gone to another hairdresser in the interim & she chastised me that you should be loyal to your hairdresser . . . i hear she teaches yoga now! n