Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Footprints and Film tastes

When I wake up each morning I pull my laptop into bed and surf round my usual sites. Before breakfast, I check out a few newspapers online and, as this tragi-comic article explains, I (like the rest of the world) leave trails of internet footprints. Next I'll click on friend's blogs, various pop sites or messageboards, health news etc. I like to check out the day's TV and radio listings and watch the BBC weather. Deleting spam is almost a reflex action. Be gone ye offers of Viagra or ten grand loans and don't return!
Saw Almodovar's latest film Volver recently. It looked lush but I thought the plot was just plain daft. I prefer realism in a film. Realism can often mean grim, but realistic and uplifting - now that's a winning combination. I'll need to find me some of that.
PS. a wee photo of Penelope since she's not particularly ugly.

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nmj said...

I don't think VOLVER is Pedro Almodovar's best film, but I just couldn't stop looking at Penelope, I wanted her to be in every scene. And I loved Augustine character too.