Thursday, August 17, 2006

PC plod

Sorry, this post may have to carry a bore warning. The key information I wish to impart is that my e mail address book has been wiped yet again. Remember I got a new laptop 2 months ago? Well, it still continued to have niggly problems so technical support talked me through a resetting process that took the computer back to how it was on day one. Hence I have no e mail addresses unless people e mail me. (Bizarrely, I was able to import addresses on a previous laptop but can't find how to do it here). Anyway, if there are any benevolent techies reading, the error code is 1024 and it arises after I link my modem up. But this code never occurred when I liked the same modem to the old laptop. God, how eye-wateringly dull this all is to me. I wilt at the thought of it all. Maybe I should have bought a Mac...
I'm still at a much lower baseline of activity. I'd say 10% of normal. I had friends visiting last night which was enjoyable. I'm popping out for a massage today but that'll be my heady limit.
PS My ISP will phone me next week with tech help. End of yawny computer talk.


nmj said...

. . . naughty girl, c, you should have your E addresses backed up, will email you some tips on importing/exporting, no idea what that error means though, sorry, does Tiscali/OE Help not help? nmj

Anonymous said...

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