Thursday, August 10, 2006

Speak no evil

I've been watching the news about the foiled terror plots. I don't like it when politicians describe people as 'evil.' There are evil acts but once you describe people as intrinsically evil, there is only outright war and condemnation and no way back. Of course these acts are monstrous but we've got to ask what makes someone want to get on a plane and blow themselves up in the name of a god? How can you solve a problem without trying to understand its causes?

I'm still marooned on the raft of relapse, floating about without oars. I know I shouldn't speculate, but I guess at timescales for improvement. On previous occasions it's taken a few months. I can recall past summers when I've been a house prisoner reduced to watching Big Brother while my closest pals go to pop festivals in Europe. I am tired of Big Brother. I feel wilted and worn after watching it.
I'm reading poetry by Seamus Heaney and Philip Larkin. Also nearing the end of We need to talk about Kevin , a novel that explores how and why a teenage boy would shoot his fellow classmates. Fairly relevant...
Stuart took me out to Pollock House this afternoon. The gingerbread was the highlight of my day so far.


Anonymous said...

Stick to the reading, Ciara, Big Brother will melt your brain cells and we need to see the result of them working!

greenwords said...

Guessing at timescales for improvement, it's just so tempting isn't it? I hope your oars reappear at just the right moment, and a fairly soonish moment at that.