Friday, August 04, 2006

That'll teach me...

Or will it? In my last post I'm talking about possible volunteer work and now I want to rant (yes, rant!) about the cruel unpredictabilty of symptoms in ME. I'm still getting days of feeling absolutely awful with that classic sensation of being 'poisoned'. It might not be poisoning as in swallowing weedkiller, but I do feel as if I've run a marathon while glugging a bottle of whisky, slept for an hour and then woken up to start a new day. And throw in a wee bit of self-blame as I wonder if I've brought it on myself for doing too much in previous weeks. Lovely! Here's a link for fellow ME peeps where researcher Kenny De Meirleir explains why he thinks we feel this yucked.

I'm just grumping because I'm invited to a wedding reception tommorrow night in a Scottish country castle where the wedding band is made up of
B&S members doing covers. Nice Man is on drums. I hate missing the fun but at this rate, I might not make it. I've got that deja vu feeling of the days when I used to miss most things. So, yes, why don't I get a volunteer job as person who can hardly get out of bed...?
I'll see my nieces later today. That should console me somewhat.



Orynthia said...

Well, I'm grumpy that I'm missing it too! But then I'm not even invited. That sounds like a fantastic wedding reception. We're going to a wedding reception too but it will be with all the usual tension of a family wedding. And it's not in a castle - it's in my old Youth Club.

I hope you're well enough to go.


texa said...

Kenny De Meirlier certainly knows how to explain stuff so it makes sense, but I'm sure that doesn't help you feel better.
Hope the nieces have helped and you've managed a wee bit of the wedding - you could always hide in a guest room for a couple of hours, though you still might miss bits:(

Sue Jackson said...

Your post sounded just like some of mine recently! The unpredictable highs and lows (especially lows) of CFS can really get to you. I'm having a low day myself today. Sorry to hear you missed the wedding. Those decisions are always tough ones to make. Hope you're feeling a bit better today.