Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cons and Pros and Never Knows

When babies are born in soap operas or TV dramas you can always tell it's a month old baby with a bit of make-up gunk on its head. When I see real births on TV, my eyes usually water with tears. Before I got ME, I always presumed I would have children one day. I never questioned it. With ME it is a very difficult, almost impossible decision. I am nearly 39 so timing is not on my side.
I am more philosophical about everything in life though. My aim is to look for the positive in whatever life does or doesn't throw at me. Perhaps people underestimate the value of freedoms that come from not being a parent, and for others parenthood is hailed as the best thing ever. It should be possible to make the best of either path. Surely? I'm enjoying reading a blog by a new mother with ME called Sofamum . I haven't figured out how to post permanent links on the side of my blog yet, so I'll flag this up here.


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