Thursday, October 19, 2006

Glasgow popster weddings

These are some photos of the guest house where I have booked a room for this weekend. I applaud a good website that makes the place look inviting. Francis and I are invited to a wedding nearby which will have a high percentage of guitar strummin' C86 Glasgow indie popsters. I didn't even know what C86 was. I still don't. You don't either, huh? Apparently it's a tag for some of the lo-fi Glasgow indie bands of the '8o's. Now most of them are Glasgow lo-fi popsters in their 40's.

It's just a weird coincidence that my close pals are musicians. My friend Stuart took me to some of these gigs before his band Belle and Sebastian had their break. If I wasn't tone deaf I'm sure I would have ended up playing or singing with him somewhere along the line. I draw the line at shaking a tambourine in a desperate manner.

I was once offered to fly to New York with B&S to take photos but I wasn't well enough. When their American label boss flew from NY to sign them, I made him a cup of tea at my tiny flat and offered him some maltesers. His stretch limo was parked in the back lane and I offered to bring out a cup of tea for the chauffeur too. The chauffeur politely declined. I think he felt he had to.



nmj said...

C, I love the fragility of that moment - offering tea to the chauffeur.

Amy said...

Every great enterprise needs someone to provide tea.
Glad you're well enough to plan going to a wedding. Hope you have a good time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like luxury. Hope you had a fab weekend and were able to enjoy it. Booking a luxurious guest room onsite is the only way to do weddings with ME, I reckon. Then you can retire gracefully to your quarters just before collapsing in public or during the boring parts so you save your energy for the fun. Though maybe Glasgow Popster Weddings don't have boring bits.

Orynthia said...

Hello Ciara

Actually, C86 is not just about Glasgow indie bands. We're off for the C86 thing at the ICA next weekend. I'm SO much looking forward to seeing Phil Wilson of the June Brides.

The guest house looks lovely. Hope you have a lovely weekend there.