Wednesday, October 04, 2006

House Swap Ideas?

I have a policy that if a neighbour knocks at my door to ask about some communal matter, I'll invite them in to sit down, as opposed to discussing it in the doorway. I've noticed that this isn't the norm and usually people do not invite you in. Scottish people seem to be more guarded about their homes. Another friend agreed with me, that as a child and a teenager he'd be left waiting on a doorstep for his friend to come out. Perhaps he'd be invited to stand in the kitchen, but never in the living room.
I don't want to be this guarded. In fact I was wishing that there could be more scope for informal house swapping. For example, I could swap friends of friends, and they could have a few days in Glasgow at the shops and city attractions and I could have a few days in the countryside. Yin and Yang.
There are many official House Swap sites, but I think most of the people who register travel widely and lavishly. Who wants to swap a 10 bedroom mansion on Long Island for a one bedroom flat in Glasgow? I'm thinking on a more accessible scale. I can cat or dog-sit as well. Log fire and a sea view? Now we're talking...

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Jennie said...

Heck, if I could travel, I would! Any interest in suburban US life? Ha! But that little cottage in the picture looks delightful too. I need a vacation! - Jennie